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мир всем священники против войны

About Us

“PEACE UNTO ALL ” is a team of like-minded people united by a common idea. Our goal is to help the Russian Orthodox Church clergies who were exiled, banned from serving in the priesthood. Moreover, they were left without a livelihood, because of their anti-war public position after February 24, 2022

Peace Unto All

The support of the war by the Russian Orthodox Church became a severe reputational blow. Therefore, this act alienated many believers from the church. At the same time, there are still conscientious, brave and devoted clergies, who do not afraid to speak out against the war. Although, they have paid a high price for it. 
Almost 300 clergies signed an appeal published on March 1, 2022. They called for a reconciliation and a ceasefire. Now many of those clergies are subjected to persecution and pressure from government agencies and church hierarchy. 
Many of the priests have got large families. And now their wives, children and elderly parents are in poverty, as they were forced to leave their homes. At the moment, they wander around the world, “suffering disadvantages, sorrows, bitterness” (Heb. 11.37). We call on you to provide them with concrete assistance. There are already funds to support victims of political repressions, but there has not been a single association to protect the clergy so far. 
Let’s do our best, so that the affected clergies will cease to be invisible and will feel that their feat is very important to us!

Let's lend them a helping hand! 

Please contact any of us to support them:

– An archpriest Andrei Kordochkin 
– a priest Valerian Dunin-Barkovsky
- a musician Pavel Fakhrtdinov 
- a journalist Svetlana Neplih-Thomas

Stay in touch!

+49 160 928 88 642



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